BroadwayGPS Marches to SUFFS

Credit: Joan Marcus

Last night GPS attended the Broadway production of Suffs, and are happy to report that this show is a remarkable creation of many talented artists. Assembling a fine cast, design team and director, all working seamlessly and harmoniously to tell the extraordinary story of the Suffragists! This very delightful musical team of creatives pulled off challenging material in spades! With book, music and lyrics by the immensely talented Shaina Taub, the all women cast (and orchestra!) take the audience on a thrilling journey with Alice Paul, a leader in the Suffragist movement during its most turbulent and significant time advocating for women’s right to vote. The show is inspiring, funny and thoroughly entertaining. Great for groups! Students and people of all ages will be moved and inspired.  

Check out the cast of SUFFS, photos by Joan Marcus: