Ingrid Michaelson scores THE NOTEBOOK

We’re in love with “If This Is Love”

Chicago is a breeding ground for Broadway hits and The Notebook is no exception. The new musical is based on the best-selling book and iconic movie, and is scored by the Emmy Award nominee and Billboard Hot 100 singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson. After successes like Sara Bareilles, the pop singer turned song writer for the hit musical Waitress, we can’t wait to see what pop star Ingrid Michaelson has in store for this inbound musical!

What is The Notebook about?

Allie and Noah, both from different worlds, share a lifetime of love despite the forces that threaten to pull them apart in a deeply moving portrait of the enduring power of love. This new musical is a gorgeous and touching piece of theatre that will surely sweep you away. Chicago Sun-Times awarded the show four stars and raved that it is “superb — a stage musical for the ages.”