SUFFS Preview Event

BroadwayGPS Invited To A Preview of SUFFS

BroadwayGPS attended a packed and highly anticipated SUFFS event at Cooper Union on February 28 – a noteworthy venue since this was the very place that the Suffragist’s assembled 100 years ago. Interesting fact – the term “Suffragettes” was coined by men who wanted to trivialize the movement and likely diminish its impact by changing the word from Suffragist to Suffragette. Maybe SUFFS will change all that. The discussions about the significance of the movement and its timeliness were lively and very heartfelt by the creatives and the show’s producers. We got a sneak peek at some of the songs written by the incomparable Shaina Taub (who also performs in the Broadway musical); the rousing and humorous songs were received with loud cheers and ovations by the audience.

SUFFS tells the story of the 1913 Women’s Movement and the suffragists’ fight for their right to vote, and features a cast and production team comprised entirely of women. With a rousing musical score blending elements of classic and contemporary musical theatre, a cast stacked with powerhouse vocalists, and a message as important today as it was nearly a hundred years ago, SUFFS promises to be a highlight of the spring season as it marches on to Broadway. Performances begin March 26th at the Music Box Theatre.

SUFFS will be a great show for student groups as it offers  an important history lesson with wit, wonderful tunes and terrific performances.