Photo by Matthew Murray

BroadwayGPS is dazzled by the magic onstage!

Our very own Pat Daily got a chance to visit ‘Tulsa’ last night in Broadway’s newest hit, THE OUTSIDERS:

“After seeing THE OUTSIDERS last night, I now feel like an “Insider” only because the impact of this extraordinary new musical still resonates inside me. It’s theatre magic at its best! The tale of two warring gangs, the haves and have nots is nothing new but set it in Tulsa, Oklahoma during a tumultuous, racially charged time of the 60’s when cruising down the streets in souped-up cars was entertainment, with not much else to offer to the young and the restless, gangs formed and then flourished, naturally pitting the affluent against the dirt poor. What follows in The Outsiders is a rivetingly told story with spectacular visual elements – the likes of which have never been seen on a Broadway stage. There are elements that will take your breath away.

I urge you to attend this tale!  Bring your groups, bring your family, bring yourself!  Great for all ages and a must see for anyone familiar with the book, a classic among teens.”