THE OUTSIDERS Original Musical Journeys to NYC

The Classic Coming-Of-Age Story Turns Musical

Before The Outsiders made the journey across country to New York’s Broadway, it premiered at California’s La Jolla Playhouse to wonderful reviews. The Los Angeles Times called it “Impressively original. Thrilling, courageous and hypnotic.”  

After an extensive rehearsal period in New York, BroadwayGPS was invited to attend a full run-through of the new musical prior to its scheduled opening on Broadway. The packed, invited audience reaction was highly enthusiastic. With a cast of multi-talented performers and tight direction by Danya Taymor, The Outsiders promises to be the ideal show for groups – especially students, many of whom have read the very popular, 50-year-old classic coming-of-age seminal book by S. E. Hinton or seen the iconic Francis Ford Coppola movie based on the book. The dancing, acting and story are propulsive and a catchy score by Jamestown Revival is exhilaratingly original.

The story takes place in Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1967 with the hardened hearts and aching souls of Ponyboy Curtis, Johnny Cade and their chosen family of “outsiders” all of whom are in a fight for survival and a quest for purpose in a world that may never accept them. This new, original musical is taut with tension and filled with drama.

What groups will enjoy The Outsiders? This show is great for ages 13 +. Middle schoolers thru college age will be thrilled by this new production, and adults will be swept away in the iconic story and stunning new music.

Performances begin March 16 at the Jacobs Theatre. Groups 10 plus!

Hear from the creatives below and get a sneak peak listen to “Great Expectations.”